A press relations strategy has been in place for several years now to promote the BUSINESS HYDRO trade show to the media.

A press conference, backed up by regular press releases throughout the year, takes place a few months before the show (in June) and brings together the local, regional and specialist press (both in person and digitally).

Its aim is to identify the challenges facing hydroelectricity and to present the innovations at the Business Hydro trade show.

The press conference will be attended by all the members of the Business Collective, represented by the members of the Board and the sponsors: ARTELIA, CIC ORIO, CNR, EDF, General Electric, HYDROCOP.

This press conference will be supplemented by a “PRESS BRIEFING” during the inaugural visit to the exhibition as part of the opening of BUSINESS HYDRO.

Business Hydro 2023 Press conference at G2E Lab.


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Business Hydro 2023 Press conference at G2E Lab.